Steps on Maintaining Your Fireplace

Fireplaces have been popular for decades and are one of the ‘must-haves’ in every home, they don’t just create warmth which central heating just cannot but it creates a homely, romantic atmosphere. Perfect for them winter nights. However, even though there are surplus amounts of benefits to having a fireplace, everyone who has one of the more traditional ones will know how hard it is to maintain it. That is why we decided to give you some top tips in order to ensure that maintain your fireplace isn’t a struggle.

Steps on Maintaining Your Fireplace:

  1. One of the first things which you need to do when maintaining your fireplace is to check and see if there is anything blocking your chimney, for example an animal. You can do this by opening the damper and having a look with a flashlight.
  2. Second thing which you need to do is clean your fireplace from ash, dirt or any debris. By doing this you will ensure you’re removing anything which could potentially by a fire hazard.
  3. Then you must light your fire to minimize the smoke, however note that there are different ways to do this, dry wood is the most common as it burns efficiently which causes less smoke. The firewood should be stored a foot or more above the ground which is in a sunny and ventilated area we also advise people to cover the top of the wood but make sure the sides are open. To ensure you buy the right type of wood you must look for dark coloured cords and also be reasonably light.
  4. Don’t burn anything which isn’t clean or seasoned wood.

Ready to start burning? Well what you need to do is open the damper to make a small fire. When the fire is burning you then need to start adding logs. Note: the way you will know if.

you have a bad fire is if there is smoke appearing.

Now you know a little more about how to maintain a fire, it can be beneficial to know the different types of fireplaces you can have. As you probably already know, fireplaces can often increase the value of your house slightly, so if this is something you would like to reap then consider some of these:

  • Coal fire
  • Wood burning fire
  • Electric fire
  • Gas fire

If you would like to find out more information on these and want to look into other options, then visit: .

The Advantages of Adding Conservatories to Homes

Conservatories are quite possibly the most significant and greatest investments in which homeowners can make. Saying this, there’s still a large number of people unsure as to what the benefits and advantages of conservatories are and because of this today we are going to be listing some of these or you…


Advantages of Conservatories


Conservatories add value to properties.

Conservatories in the majority of instances add value to homes; this is because they are highly desirable features and something in which many people looking for homes look out for.  Conservatories are definitely reflected in both asking prices and offers. The amount of value added through conservatories of course differs from home to home, with many things making an impact such as size of conservatory and style, however it is thought that on average the addition of a conservatory brings house prices up by £20,000.


Conservatories welcome light.

Conservatories are great for bringing light into homes, ideal for both those who have darker homes and those who simply cannot get enough light. Natural light is incredibly important and should be welcomed in homes in as many ways as possible. Natural light as been proven to enahnce good moods and allows for all to receive great doses of Vitamin D! The light in which light bulbs provide is absolutely nothing in comparrsion to natural light, and this is something in whch you already most probably know!



Conservatories more spacee to properties.

By choosing to get a conservatory, people are choosing to add an extra room to their homes. This newly created space can be used in an abundance of ways including but not limited to; extending other rooms such as dining areas and living spaces and creating completely new rooms, with popular otions for this being play rooms and lounges.


Conservatories bring the outdoors in.

Conservatories are in a lot of ways part of a garden, and in summer this is especially great because it can allow for people to enjoy all of the benefits of being in their gardens without having to face the negatives such as bugs and insects.  Most people who have conservatories describe them to be “the best room in the house”, warm, fresh and inviting, what more could you want?


If you have therefore been considering adding a conservatory to your home, we advise that you go ahead. If you contact you local conservatory and garden room provider, you will be able to ensure that you get your conservatory up and running before summer!