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Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

Buying a new home can be one of the most wonderful and exiting times in a person life, however if there is one thing that puts people off and scares them senseless it is the thought of all of the organising and packing in which moving requires. To relieve people of stress and anxiety, here we have compiled a list of key tips for all considering moving, which will hopefully work to put people’s minds at ease…

Moving in London

Moving tips for you

  1. Pack an essentials bag or box. Upon arriving at your new home, it is likely that you will be really tired and not in the mood to rummage through your boxes for pyjamas, toiletries and other essentials, therefore it is vital to have everything that you are going to need in one easy to reach box/bag.
  2. Label, label, label. Not only should all removal boxes be labelled detailing which room they need to be taken to upon arrival at your new home, but in addition to this you should also make lists of what items are in each box so if you need to quickly find anything for any reason it will be easy to do so.
  3. Pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen. Off course this step can only be completed by those that have keys and access to their new homes before their moving days, but where possible it is advised the people pre-clean the bathroom and kitchen of their new house to make it feel welcoming upon arrival and also to allow for showers to be had at the end of the day and food to be made. Don’t worry if you don’t have the keys in advance though, you can always enjoy a well-deserved takeaway.
  4. Employ a removals team. Hiring a leading London removal company to assist you with your move will make a world of difference, relieving you from stress and freeing up your day to ensure that other steps needed for a smooth house move are completed such as redirecting post and informing people regarding your new address.
  5. Declutter in advance. When packing up your belongings if you come across any items that you haven’t used for a long time and have no intention of using in the future, you should simply get rid of them. Take things to the charity shop, give things to friends and recycle, there is no point in taking clutter from one house to another.
  6. Consider children and pets. Both children and pets can get extremely stressed and confused on moving day, with so much going on and a lot to take in therefore where possible you should arrange for someone to look after them for you for the day.

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